The Historic Lawsuit

Almost 100 years after the Massacre, eleven plaintiffs, including the last 3 known living survivors, Viola Fletcher, Leslie Benningfield Randle, and Hughes Van Ellis, filed a lawsuit on September 1, 2020, against The City of Tulsa and seven other defendants demanding accountability and restitution for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and 100 years of continued harm.

View the Second Amended Petition (Sept 2022)

View the First Amended Petition (Feb 2021)

View the Court Order on Motion to Dismiss (Aug 2022)

Historic Lawsuit Press Conferences

Press Conference: Historic Court Ruling (August 4, 2022)

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Historic Public Nuisance Lawsuit Press Conference – September 1, 2020 (Greenwood)

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Historic Lawsuit News Updates

Press Release: Historic Court Ruling – Last living survivors of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Entitled to Prove the Massacre Was a “Public Nuisance”

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How and Why NYC Law Firm Schulte Roth & Zabel (SRZ) Joined the Historic Tulsa Race Massacre Lawsuit

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Press Release: Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling in Opioid Case Beneficial to Plaintiffs in Tulsa Race Massacre Public Nuisance Litigation

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What’s at Stake in the Upcoming September 28 Hearing? (Tiffany Cross & Damario Solomon-Simmons)

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We Must Have Closure, Know Where The Mass Graves Are (Tiffany Cross & Damario Solomon-Simmons) Dec 2021

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WaPo: A century later, we still ask: Will survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre ever get justice?

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Historic Lawsuit Filed Documents


All eight defendants are trying to dismiss our lawsuit and never let it see a day in court.

Here are our responses to each defendant:

Plaintiff Opposition to State of Oklahoma MTD

Plaintiff Opposition to City and TMPAC MTD

Plaintiff Opposition to Chamber Amended MTD

Plaintiff Opposition to Chamber Amended General MTD

Plaintiff Opposition to BOCC and Sheriff MTD

Plainitff Opposition to TDA MTD


More historic lawsuit filed documents:


2022-09-22 Plaintiff’s Motion for Emergency Telephonic Hearing re: Defendants Motion for Extension

2022-09-19 Defendants Opposed Motion For Extension of Time

2021-09-28 Randle Hearing Transcript

2022-03-18 Defendants Joint Opposition to Plaintiffs Mtn_for_Leave_to_File_Reply_Brief


2022-03-07. Defendants Joint Response to Plaintiffs Supp Memo


2022-02-28 Defendants__Motion_to_WD__Bender_

2022-01-31 Plaintiffs Brief on Supplemental Authority

2022-01-26. Tay’s Motion to Intervene

2022-01-26. Tay’s Motion re Jurisdiction

2022-01-19. Order Granting Withdrawal – Bender-Brown

2022-01-19. Order Granting Withdrawal – Barkin

2021-12-30. Order re Supplemental Briefing Schedule and Hearing

2021-11-29. Defendants COT’s and TMAPC’s Resp to Plaintiffs Not of Supp Auth’y

2021-11-10 Plaintiffs_Notice_of_Supplemental_Authority

2021-09-27 TDA Adoption of Arguments-Authority-Brief to be Submitted by Co-Defendants at Sch Conf Hrg

2021-09-24 Joint Resp in Opposition to Plaintiff Motion to Set Telephonic Status Conference

2021-08-27 TDA Reply to Plaintiff Opposition in Response to MTD

2021-08-26 Reply of BOCC & Regalado MTD Pl 1st Amended Pet

2021-08-26 Military Dept Reply To Plaintiff Response to MTD

2021-08-26 COT & TMAPC Reply to Plaintiff to Combined Opposition to MTD

2021-08-26 Chamber Reply to MTD

2021-08-26 Chamber Reply to General MTD

2021-08-19 Order Granting Plaintiffs Motion to Continue Hearing on Defendants Motion to Dismiss and Resetting Hearing

2021-08-12 Plaintiff_Mot_Cont_Hrg_on_Defendant_MTD_Recon_Ord_Grant_Jt_Mot_Lve_File_Replies

2021-08-05 Plaintiffs Notice to the Court Scheduling Hearing on Motion to Vacate

2021-08-03. Defendants Joint Response to Plaintiffs Opposition and Motion to Vacate

2021-07-22 Plaintiff_Motion_to_Vacate_Ct_7-16-21_Ord_OR_Modify_Ct_7-16-21_Ord

2021-07-19 Plaintiff Opposition to Motion for Leave to File Replies in Support of Motion to Dismiss

2021-07-19 Order submitted Denying or Setting Hearing on Joint Motion for Leave to File Replies

2021-07-19 Correction_to_Defendant_Joint_Motion_to_File_Replies_re_MTD

2021-07-16 Order_re_Court_Granting_Defendants_Unopposed_Motion_for_Leave_to_File_Replies

2021-06-02 Plaintiff Opposition in Response to TDA Motion to Dismiss

2021-06-01 Plaintiffs Opposition to BOCC & Regalado as Sheriff Motion to Dismiss

2021-06-01 Plaintiff Response to Chamber Amended Motion to Dimiss

2021-06-01 Plaintiff Response to Chamber Amended General Motion to Dismiss

2021-06-01 Plaintiff Opposition to COT & TMAPC Motion to Dismiss 1st Amended Pet

2021-04-21 D COT and TMPAC’s Objection for Motion for Leave to File Omnibus Brief

2021-03-22 TDA_Objection_to_Motion_for_Leave_to_File_Omnibus_Brief