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Justice for Greenwood is a network of volunteers, advocates, attorneys, academics, experts, Massacre Survivors, Descendants, & others agitating for reparations & justice on behalf of Survivors and Descendants of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Our mission is to secure justice and reparations for the Greenwood community and Diaspora through direct services, public education, and advocacy. Our work aims to revitalize the Greenwood community and to address the major areas of racial inequality and injustice directly caused by the Massacre: Health, Education, Real Estate, and Business. There is no clearer, no uglier example of racial injustice and anti-Black racial terror (or violence) in America’s history than the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Just as horrendous as the white mob that attacked and entirely destroyed a peaceful, prosperous Black community in Tulsa, is that America intentionally denied that it happened and covered it up for nearly 100 years. Despite the undisputed facts around the Massacre and the generational damage that it caused, there has not been any constructive, tangible action taken to address and repair the catastrophic harm that it caused. We at Justice for Greenwood are building a movement to change all of that.

Our Work Centers Around

Our advocacy efforts agitate for justice for survivors, descendants and support strategies that bolster present-day Greenwood community and policies that deliver justice and pay reparations. We seek reparations and resources for the victims of the 1921 Massacre and their descendants and for accountability for the perpetrators of the 1921 Massacre and its continuing harm. We document and publicize the stories of the 1921 Massacre victims and their descendants and share the truth about what happened during and after the 1921 Massacre and its continued effect on victims and their descendants.


When a mob of armed white men destroyed Greenwood – a thriving black community in Tulsa, hundreds of black citizens were murdered, thousands left homeless, and nearly $100M in property was burned to the ground. No one has ever been held accountable.

The City of Tulsa has not only failed to honor the victims and survivors of the Massacre, but also to provide material support for rebuilding Black businesses, homes, schools and hospitals. Justice for Greenwood aims to revitalize the Greenwood community by taking steps to individually address some of the major areas of inequality and injustice directly caused by the Massacre.

Join us in our fight to hold the Perpetrators responsible.

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Through our Fight For Your Rights and Dignity: Legal and Policy Advocacy Program, we are actively working to get reparations for the Survivors and Descendants of Victims and Survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Monetary reparations are long overdue and essential in helping rebuild and repair the community from the economic devastation they have endured for the past century in the wake of the Massacre.



Through our We Are Greenwood™ Oral History Project, we focus on identifying, locating, and providing a platform for the Survivors and Descendants of the Victims and Survivors of the Massacre to share their and their ancestors’ stories. Our public education efforts will amplify these stories and educate about the Massacre and its ongoing impact in order to help the community move beyond the Massacre and its continuing harm.

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Justice For Greenwood has designed four key programs to help combat the ongoing effects of our century-long continuing harm that followed the Massacre.

Program 1: We Are Greenwood™ | Genealogy and Oral History Project
Program 2: Fight For Our Rights and Dignity | Legal and Policy Advocacy
Program 3: Justice for Greenwood Legacy Fund™
Program 4: Booker T. Washington Initiative | Education and Truth-Telling

The goal of our programming is to obtain the truth, reparations, and repair necessary to help begin the work of restoring the community of Greenwood and set up community members to once again flourish and thrive.

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Our Team

Damario Solomon-Simmons: Founder, Executive Director, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Tiffany Crutcher: Board Member

Bill Zabel: Board Member, Founding Partner, Schulte Roth & Zabel (NYC)

Jeff Trevillion: Esq., CPA., MBA: Board Treasurer

Jerome Clark: MBA: Board Member

Sara Solfanelli (SRZ): Corporate Counsel

DJ Mercer: Board Member

Yolantrice Collins: Deputy Director

Jericka Handie: Media and Community Outreach Assistant

Greta Smith Wisnewski: Program Manager, Consulting Historian

Jasmine Henry: We are Greenwood Program Director

Chad Clayton: Digital Marketing Consultant