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Justice for Greenwood has designed the following programs to help combat the ongoing effects of the century-long continuing harm that followed the Massacre. The goal of our programming is to obtain the truth, reparations, and repair necessary to help begin the work of restoring the community of Greenwood and set up community members to once again flourish and thrive.

Survivors and Descendants Genealogical Project

In order for any Survivor or Descendant to qualify for any of Justice for Greenwood’s programs, they will need to be verified. This will necessitate each Descendant undergoing genealogical research and/or providing specific records to ensure that they are a direct descendant of an ancestor who lived through the Massacre and its immediate aftermath.

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Survivors and Descendants Oral History Project

Justice for Greenwood’s oral history project began in 2020 and emerged out of a need to document and amplify the history of Massacre Survivors and Descendants from their perspective in order to counter historical omissions and reclaim the narrative surrounding the Massacre and its continued harm. While the ongoing history of the Massacre is no longer being actively silenced, it is increasingly being coopted and whitewashed. This is why it is critical that we interview as many Descendants as possible in order to amplify their lived and inherited experiences. In doing so, we can help reclaim this history and preserve it for generations to come through the We are Greenwood™ Oral History Project.

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Survivors and Descendants Advocacy & Legal Support

In addition to Justice for Greenwood supporting lawsuits to hold perpetrators of the Massacre and the 100 years of continuing harm accountable, we are actively working with a team of civil rights and pro bono lawyers, legal organizations, and law school clinics to facilitate free legal services to the Greenwood community and Diaspora that advance and protect wealth, property rights, and social justice for  Survivors, Descendants, and impacted North Tulsa community members through the legal system.

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