Our Programs

Justice For Greenwood has designed four key programs to help combat the ongoing effects of our century-long continuing harm that followed the Massacre. The goal of our programming is to obtain the truth, reparations, and repair necessary to help begin the work of restoring the community of Greenwood and set up community members to once again flourish and thrive.


We Are Greenwood™  |  Genealogy and Oral History Project

Through the Genealogy Project, we work with world-class Genealogists to research, identify, and document the lineage of every individual and entity that experienced the Tulsa Race Massacre and its immediate aftermath. Through this project, we will also create family trees and design and maintain a comprehensive roll of documented Massacre victims.

Through the Oral History Project, we collect the stories, fully document, and amplify the true history of the Tulsa Race Massacre and the lived and inherited experiences of those impacted. This includes the last three known living Survivors, Descendants, and other surviving entities. Through this project, we will counter historical omissions and reclaim the narrative surrounding the Massacre and its continuing harm on the Greenwood Descendant community, Black Tulsans, Black communities nationally, and the country at large.


Fight For Our Rights and Dignity  |  Legal and Policy Advocacy

Through Legal and Policy Advocacy, we aim to identify and advance the policies and laws that restores the wealth, property and “rights and dignity” of the Survivors and Descendants of the Massacre.


The Justice for Greenwood Legacy Fund™

Through the Legacy Fund, we will raise and distribute $200M (equal to the estimated value of the property loss in today’s dollars) in the form of grants and scholarships to Massacre Survivors, Descendants, and Black Tulsans to mitigate the continuing harm resulting from the Massacre. Through this program, Justice For Greenwood has already distributed grants to community organizations, Survivors, and other surviving entities of the Massacre.


Program 4: Booker T. Washington Initiative  |  Education and Truth-Telling

Through the BTW Initiative, we educate about Greenwood and those who lived there as well as Black Wall Street and the wealth generated. Through this program, we will unmask all perpetrators of the Massacre and fully uncover and expose the horrors of the Massacre and its over 100 years of continuing harm.