Mr. Ellis, at 100 years old, is a survivor of the Massacre and brother of Mother Fletcher. He's also a WWll combat veteran.

Mr. Ellis and his family fled Tulsa after their neighborhood was looted and destroyed. In fear of their lives, Mr. Ellis and his family were not able to take any of their possessions, leaving with only the clothes on their back.

Mr. Ellis and his family is still dealing with the effects of the Massacre, struggling with emotional and physical distress. Barely able to pay for basic life necessities, Mr. Ellis continues to live in poverty. He and his family have been left without the appropriate resources for the physical and emotional needs they have from the terror of the Massacre.

Mr. Ellis and his family have struggled financially, emotionally, and socially as a result of the Massacre and the continuing public nuisance, and they will continue to suffer until the nuisance is abated.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Honors Hughes Van Ellis at Closing Remembrance Ceremony, Survivors and Descendants Host Town Hall