Stand with Tulsa Race Massacre
Survivors, their Descendants, & Black Creek Freedmen.

A century and two years ago, in a catastrophic span of 48 hours, the City of Tulsa, along with other culpable entities, orchestrated what would become America’s most egregious public nuisance. This atrocity claimed countless Black lives and razed properties worth hundreds of millions, leaving a permanent scar on our history. Yet, astonishingly, this genocidal event in Tulsa, Oklahoma remains unknown to many. It is our duty to illuminate the dark chapters of the Greenwood story, igniting global awareness and rallying support for #JusticeforGreenwood.

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102 years later and we’re still fighting for what’s right. We won’t stop until Greenwood gets the full reparations it deserves. It’s about respect and fixing a century-old wrong. Let’s make this happen. ✊🏽 Take action: #JusticeForGreenwood

Greenwood, “Black Wall Street,” co-founded by Black Creeks, emerged as a prominent and affluent Black community in the US. It provided sanctuary from post-Civil War oppression but suffered during the Tulsa Race Massacre. This event, along with urban renewal challenges, led to the controversial removal of Black Creeks from the Muscogee Creek Nation in 1979.

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Sign this petition urging the Muscogee Creek Nation to honor its legal and moral obligations by fully recognizing and restoring the rights of Black Creeks as enshrined in the Creek Treaty of 1866. This action is not only a legal imperative but also a step towards healing and unity within our community. Take action:


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