The Historic Lawsuit

Almost 100 years after the Massacre, eleven plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against The City of Tulsa and seven other defendants demanding accountability and restitution for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and 100 years of continued harm. 

Plaintiff Oppositions

All eight defendants are trying to dismiss our lawsuit and never let it see a day in court. 

Here are our responses to each defendant:

  • Response to Board of Count Commissioners for Tulsa County and Vic Regalado, in his official capacity as Sheriff for Tulsa County's Motion to Dismiss (MTD)

  • Response to Chamber Amended General MTD

  • Response to Chamber Amended MTD

  • Response to City and Tulsa Metro Planning Action Committee MTD

  • Response to State of Oklahoma MTD

  • Response to Tulsa Development Authority MTD

The Historic Lawsuit

Justice for Greenwood Foundation Amended