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Justice for Greenwood Events
Masks required at all events, per COVID-19 protocols 

All times are Central Daylight Time.

MAY 27
7-9pm - Justice for Greenwood Social(ly Distanced) Hour (at Inheritance Juicery)
     - Space is limited to 50 people at a time due to covid protocol.

MAY 29
Survivor’s Luncheon (Private Event)

MAY 31
9:00am - Descendant Storygathering (at Greenwood Cultural Center)
Register here. Registration is required.
2-4pm - Descendant Town Hall (at Greenwood Cultural Center)
Register here. Registration is required.

9:00am - Descendant Storygathering (at Greenwood Cultural Center)      
Register here. Registration is required.
12:00pm - Historic Public Nuisance Lawsuit Press Conference & Presentation (at Greenwood Cultural Center)
6:30pm - The Color of Wealth: The Destruction of Greenwood and a Legacy of Loss (online)
 - Free online event, register here.

Also on June 1 (not a JFG event)

Soil collection for unknown victims (at Oaklawn Cemetery) - led by University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Archaelogical Society and the 1921 Graves Physical Investigation Committee.

Justice for Greenwood Programming 2021

May 31 through June 1 marks 100 years since the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre -- when a white vigilante mob stormed Tulsa’s affluent Greenwood district, burning down the enclave known as Black Wall Street over the course of 18 hours. Up to 300 Black people were murdered, 36 square blocks were burned to the ground, and scores of businesses were destroyed. Although it has been called one of the worst incidents of racial violence in US history, no one was ever charged with a crime for the violence or compensated for the loss of life and economic devastation.

As we commemorate this centennial, the City of Tulsa continues to suppress the growing calls for justice a century after the Massacre. The story of 1921 is, in many ways, the story of 2021.

Justice for Greenwood Foundation is committed to demanding that the City of Tulsa holds itself accountable for the violence and destruction during the Massacre, and for the 100 years of continuing harm that followed. We are committed to providing holistic reparatory justice to the Massacre survivors and descendants and are fighting to get them the respect, reparations, and repair they so richly deserve.

Join us as we remember the victims and honor the survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre.


Please see below for our tentative schedule. More details to come!

GRAND OPENING of The Black Wall Street Times on May 27.

Black Wallstreet Legacy Festival, May 28-30.
Hosted by the survivors and massacre descendants, Legacy Fest will commemorate the Centennial with a march, performances, exhibits, panels, and more.

Legacy Fest programming will explore urgent issues, ranging from the needs of those still living with the everyday consequences of the massacre, to the erasure of essential history, to the state and future of Black Wall Street. Black Wall Street Legacy Fest is the ONLY community-led effort that centers the survivors and descendants of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Follow along to learn how to engage in person and virtually:

Facebook: @BlackWallStreetLegacyFest
Twitter: @BWSLegacyFest
Instagram: @blackwallstreetlegacy


We are so grateful to our sponsors for their dedication, support and leadership as we commemorate the history and resilience of Greenwood while raising awareness of the racial disparities that continue.


Thank you for joining us in the fight for justice!

Black Wallstreet Times

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Equal Justice Initiative

Human Rights Watch

Color of Change

 Congressional Black Caucus 

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1. Financial compensation for the victims of the 1921  Massacre and their descendants;

2. Accountability for the perpetrators of the 1921 Massacre;

3. Document and publicize stories of the 1921 Massacre victims and their descendants; and

4. Tell the truth about what happened during and after the 1921 Massacre and its continued effect on victims and their descendants.